Almost 30 days Vegetarian

It’s been almost 30 days now since I decided to not eat meat.  It has been going well, but it’s difficult to get dairy out of my diet.  Hopefully I can try to eat it sparingly.  My decision to not eat meat does not really have to do with how the animals are treated but more with the way it makes me feel.  I feel it is important that we listen to how our bodies reactive to food and eat accordingly.  If your body rejects the food, whether its through an allergic reaction or other means that should be a sign that your body would like you to not eat that again.  Of course we all have are little unhealthy habits, those times where we will eat something and say “I’ll pay for that later, but it tastes so good now” times.  It’s true and we know it yet we still feed it to out body. Some people may think that when others eat a certain way they are doing for an ethical reason or for a health/disease reason and don’t understand you can do things just because you want to there doesn’t have to be a ‘reason’ behind it.  People do all sorts of ‘because I want to’ things everyday and are normal not questioned on it, unless they get in legal trouble.  I guess it is just a battle that I will have to continue to fight with my family on the reason why I am not eating meat products.  It can be a irritating and sometimes I just chose to not eat around them so I don’t have to explain or say no to whatever meat dish they are serving.  And yes, if I am going over to someone’s house for a cook out or what not I do bring my own food so that they do not feel like they need to make something special for me.

What has your experience been with changing the way you eat and how others react?
more later…

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