The cats

I wonder if it’s very cat mother’s dream to come home to no puke or poop on the floor and nice quite cats waking up. Because we all know in reality that isn’t the case! I came home after being gone for about 16 hours, work and a family thing, to wet cat litter all over by the litter box. It was even stuck on the walls! And of course all over one of the cat’s paws. So instead of relaxing or studying I had to clean up the mess, wash the cat’s paws, give the cats their pills and then feed them. and now that I’m finally getting to bed my boy kitty is licking a wound on his leg that was trying to be covered with a shirt. I’ve been to the vet and all they did was give him kitty amoxicillin, which doesn’t stop him licking. The licking would be ok but he licks so much it bleeds. So tomorrow after work I’ll have to pick up a cone for him. I don’t want to but it for his own good. I’ll post pictures of him tomorrow.


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