Funerals are something that everyone has to deal with at sometime in their live. It is the talked about least, but something that all of us will go through. This past weekend I attended a funeral for an extended family member’s father. He had been fighting lung cancer for the last year. It was a simple memorial service with military honor, he was a Marine. It was a touching service, just close family and friends. After the service, everyone was invited to his favorite bar for a drink and snacks. This was something that he told his daughter he wanted. It was nice, everyone was able to sit around at his favorite corner bar and talk about the good and happy times that they had with him. It seems like the best thing to do after a service for one that has past. Being able to speak about the good times you had with someone will help the healing process. Everyone deals with death differently. I guess what I’m trying to say is when I pass I hope everyone I know has a party to remember me, focus on the good times, not to sad.


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