Outfit- Downtown Cafe

First Outfit that I have put together in this manner, so sorry for the half done image hopefully it doesn’t look too bad.  Most of the things are from H&M.  I’ve been a bit obsessed with the store lately.  They have a good selection of clothes at a lower price.  This outfit is something that I would definitely get, actually I’m waiting for those leggings to be in stock so I can order them. The ‘The Who’ shirt is awesome.  I remember my parent’s playing their records, yes those things, when I was younger.  I think this outfit would be nice for going to the cafe, library, walking around downtown.



Jacket (H&M) | Hat (H&M) | Gloves (H&M) | Leggings (ModCloth) | Shirt (OU) | Bag (H&M) | Shoes (H&M)



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