Outfit- Walking through Fall leaves

Well, I’m posting this outfit a day late because I’ve misplaced my power cable to my laptop.  And so now the laptop is dead 😦

All of the items from these 2 outfits are from Zara.  I did created a woman and man outfit this time around, a little something different.  I can picture myself in this outfit walking with my husband (in the ‘dream’ outfit  I’ve created for him because my husband would never dress this way, it’s not his style) through the park or down the side-walk looking at all the leaves changing colors.  For the woman, instead of a purse I chose a little clutch.  It is big enough to hold an id, money, and a phone but small enough that it could be folded and put in the coat pocket.  Allowing hands free to take pictures with a SLR camera, hold a warm drink or the hand of the person you are walking with.


Coat | Sweater | Scarf | Clutch | Jean | Shoes

Coat | Shirt | Hat | Belt | Jeans | Shoes

BTW, I wish I could buy both of these outfits.


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