Health issues

There’s been a number of health issues in my family the last couple of months.  Its been difficult to talk about.  The main one that has been going on is that my Uncle in California was diagnosed with stage 4 Brain Cancer about 2 months ago.  It was difficult to handle this news.  I was so mad, I wanted to rage out on every social network about it.  I wanted to smack people who were bitching about everyday little things.  But I knew that was just my reaction to the news, it wasn’t anyone’s fault and getting mad would not make the cancer go away.   My uncle has been very so sick the last 2 years.  In two years of going to a number of different doctors they never once thought about looking at his brain or doing a scan for cancer.  It really concerns me, the one person that noticed my uncle was having brain issues, and was in fact having a number of seizes, was his pain specialist.  It just amazes me and makes me wonder if some doctors are just wanting to push patient to certain things or drugs because they get kick backs from it instead of actually looking at the patient and there complains.  I know there are a lot of people who will go to the doctor for every little thing but still.  The treatments will not cure his cancer, it is too far, but it will prolong his life so he can see his daughter grow up a little more.  When you think of your live in months instead of decades, you finally see that all the little close things around you matter more  than all the things that are far away.  Family, friends, sitting outside and enjoying the day matter more than social networking, the newest tech item, and what dumb celebrities are doing.  It makes you step back and think, reflect, and remember the good times that you have had in life.  For my uncle treatments go on, he has completed the only round of radiation that they will do on his brain.  He lost his hair due to the radiation and hopes that it will start to grow back now that he is done.  He is still on chemo and as he said he’ll be on chemo for the rest of his life, ‘it not fucking fun, it sucks’.  Another side effect from the chemo that he is having issues with is the change in taste.  He is unable to taste most foods, so eating is unappetizing to him.  Which can become dangerous very fast. If you don’t have energy items coming into your body it can not heal. For him it is depressing, he loves to drink different types of wine and now the taste is not the same.  He is still able to drink and taste Chardonnay wine, but others like Merlot do not have the same taste.  I hope for him that he is able to regain his ability to taste different food items.  My uncle is a tough cookie, he will probably continue with chemo until the doctors tell him that it is best to not be on it.  He is a fighter.

The other news that we received last night is that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  For me this is hard in two ways.  I feel bad that she has cancer and will have to go through all of the treatments needed to help rid her body of the cancer.  On the other side this ‘could’ have been caught and dealt with 7 months ago when she found this lump in her breast.  She thought that maybe it would go away and waiting to go to the doctor.  Also, she has only had one physical (Pap) in her 29 years of live because her mother told her since she is a virgin she does not need one. I don’t know how to put this, could this have been caught earlier if she was going in for physical once a year, maybe it is hard to say.  I just hope that my nieces see this and know that they need to get a physical (Pap) done every year, even if they are not sexually active.  The Pap is done to test for cervical cancer and the doctor does a breast exam as well.  I know that everyone has heard you should do your own every month, please do this the doctors aren’t saying this just because, it is important.  There is a long road ahead of her and I know that she will fight it all the way till the doctor tells her the cancer is gone.  She has her whole family behind her.

It feels weird, with these two very different situations.  Both involve cancer but only one’s treatments will cure them, it’s the way live goes.  It’s not fair and it makes me upset, but there is nothing I can do other than support both in their battle.

And that comes down to the last thing, my head.  I’ve been having bad headaches for the last 6 months.  I have them about once a week and there are two types that repeat themself every week.  It will be a 3 part post: Headaches, Doctors, Alterative Treatments.

In the end of all of this, please take your health into consideration every day.  If you feel you need to go to the doctor, please go don’t wait.  Some people do not have health care and it is hard to find a doctor to go to , try a free clinic.  Just don’t let something go on too long that it is too late for an ‘easy cure’.

Your only given one body and one life time, make it a great, healthy, and unforgettable.


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