Thankful for – Nov 16

Technology. In many ways we are all thankful for technology.  It might not be something that you think about all the time, but most likely you are using it all the time.  It is the thankless inventions, sometimes.  Technology is way more than just social networking, blogs, websites.  It is communications devices, transportation modes (planes, cars, buses, trains, hell even a bicycle , medical equipment (MRI, X-Rays, Heart monitor), medical treatments (radiation treatment), the lighting, heating, and water in your home.  It is the power that is enabling you to read this on a device.  Technology is everywhere and in every thing.  Some times it makes us look like zombies, you know what I mean:  walking down the street and see everyone texting or looking at something on their phone versus talking to the person they are walking with.  Other times it enables us to do better, work on an education, search for medical issues, watch cute videos of kitties/puppies, transport us to our jobs, and video chat with family and friends far away (Skype).  The last one is a big one for me, I am thankful that I have been able to keep in touch with my Uncle, living in California, with Skype.  And for the ability to speak and see my little brother when he was deployed overseas.

Technology is everywhere.  you have to be thankful for it but also respect it.  And maybe more in the ‘online social networking thing’, take some time away from that each day and interact with people face to face.


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