Thankful for – Nov 21

I am thankful for my cats. My cats are like my kids. Yes, go ahead make the crazy cat lady joke or giggle. Ok…back now? Yes, I love my cats. They are always waiting for me when I get home, mostly to meow at me and have me follow them to their food dish. The older one, she’s about 20+ years, enjoys waking me up at 4 am everyday. The 7-year-old cat is a bit more lazy and prefers to sit on your lap, mostly to prevent you from going anywhere.

What pets are in your life that you are thankful for?


2 thoughts on “Thankful for – Nov 21

  1. I am grateful for my two dogs Addie and Charlie. Addie was a rescue I found through an organization and Charlie was a stray I brought home. Each day they show me how grateful they are that we found each other by showering me with lots of wet kisses and always being happy to see me when I come home – whether I have been gone an 30 minutes or all day.

    • This is wonderful. I think rescue and stray animals are great pets. My older cat we got from a no killer shelter and the younger one is from the local humane society, he was a stray that was brought into the shelter.

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