Thankful for -Nov 27

I’m thankful for having a roof over my head, a place to stay, a place that I can call home.  Even though all of the apartments I’ve lived in have not been my ‘dream’ place, it is a place that my husband and I live on our own.  I can come home after work and see my cats and sit in my own space.  Granted, sometimes I can hear my neighbors and their music, it is still better than not having a place to go home too.  Once and awhile I will remember those words that my parents and probably your’s said “when you get your own place, you can do that but not in my house”, and I run down the hallway to my bedroom to jump on my bed.  Then proceed to play catch with my husband in the living room with a soft football 🙂  It’s the little things that make you smile.


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