Thankful for – Nov 30

Today I am thankful for everything.  It’s a little broad, but true.  Writing thankful for post for the last couple of weeks has helped me realize that I should be thankful for everything around me.  Whether it is my husband and cats at home or my job or the little things that don’t seem to make that big of an impact in my life.  It’s important to just be thankful for what you have and be happy.  (Yes off topic ->) Today i will also be thankful for all the years (11 yrs) of use I have received from my first car.  Unforgettably, the car is old and the cost for me to repair it would be in the thousands, with out my own garage I have to pay someone to do the work.  So today after work the car will be taken to the junk yard.  I am hoping that they are able to fix it up and maybe re-sell it.  The car does mean a lot more to me than just my first car.  This car was my grandmothers and it was the last place that I saw her before brain cancer took over her brain and body.  I have to remember that I will always have those memories of sitting in the backseat of the car with my brother and my step-grandfather’s oxygen tank between us watching my grandmother drive us around in her big fancy car.

Today be thankful for everything and smile!



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