The Beginning of a New Month

The beginning of every month is wonderful time to start new projects or routine.  For this month, I ended an 11-year run with my first car and added some new things to my skin care routine.

My 1995 88 Royal Oldsmobile, I’ve had this car since I turned 16.  The car’s original owner was my grandmother.  When she past away in 1997 from brain cancer my dad received the car.  He made sure to keep it in good condition and gave the car to me when I passed my driver’s licenses test.  The car has so many memories road trips, going to & from college, my first kiss, my first speeding ticket, and you could fit a whole futon in the back seat.  I tried to keep the car in good shape and get it repaired when needed but the repair cost kept going up.  It came to the point that the car needed 1-2 quarts of oil a week because it was leaking from the oil gasket and the intake manifold gasket, and the paint was peeling off the car (wear and tear).  It would cost me over $10,000 to fix everything needed on the car.  If I had the money, I would have 100% fixed everything on that car.  The car didn’t have any monetary value but it had value in my heart, it was priceless to me.  In the end, I had to get rid of the car and have a salvage yard (I like this word better than junk.  Junk means its useless, salvage means it can be repurposed) come and pick up the car.  I tried so hard to not cry when the car was being hooked up to the tow truck and when the car left my parking lot.  I had to go and hid in the garage to cry.  My husband gave me hug and told me it gets easier.  I think any future car I have to get rid of will be easier but only because it will not have the history, the passed through my family history that this car had for me.

photo-5On a completely different subject but still another way I started out the month, I decided to add a couple of things to my skin care routine.  Some of the changes I made came from a number of the makeup skin care videos I watched on YouTube. (Side note, for some reason I have been completely sucked into watch beauty videos and what’s in my bag videos.  I guess since I’ve never had anyone really teach me how to do makeup or hair it’s great to watch these.)  I added in using Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer and Urban Decay lush lash system.  I’ve used the Natural Glow before and it does help add a little color to my skin this time of year.  I would go to the tanning salon (I know bad for my skin) but my days are very busy and getting there even twice a week would be difficult.  I apply the Natural Glow body lotion in the evening sometime before bed.  The Natural Glow face lotion I use in the morning as the first step.  It’s a decent moisturizer and has SPF 20.  Lush lash system, I’ve been looking at this treatment for a while and read a number of reviews.  Some good reviews and some bad, I figured I’d give it a try.  I plan on reviewing it sometime in the new year after I’ve used it for at least 6 weeks.  Here is the current skin care routine that I use.

*Clinique Take the Day Off (evening)

*Simple exfoliating facial wipes (evening, helps get makeup off)

 *Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser

*Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream (twice a week)

*Caudalie Toning Lotion

*Caudalie Premieres Vendanges face cream

*Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee eye and lip cream

*Urban Decay lush lash system (evenings)

*Caudalie Lip Conditioner (evenings)

*Caudalie Grape water spray (after makeup in the morning)



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