Outfit – Beach Time!

Its cold outside, like water freezes when it hits the ground cold out right now.  It makes me wonder why I haven’t moved south yet.  But while I count the days till summer here is a very pink (happy color!) beach outfit.  Enjoy!

Beach Wear

1. Swim Suit – Pink Pink Pink!!

2. Dress – interesting dress from VS, kind of cool

3. Sandals – very sparkly sandals, great for the beach and dinner

4. Beach Towel – Ron Jon Surf Shop!  Enough said

5. Tote – plenty of room for everything you need for a day at the beach

6. Sunglasses – don’t let the sun hurt those eyes, wear a stylish pair of shades

7. Pouch – easy way to keep the precious items in your tote in one place (i.e. keys, phone, wallet, jewelry)

8. Bracelets – I love these, I have one in yellow and the air force one.  I wore them every day that my brother was deployed and they held up through showers and everything

9. Earrings – these are cute and simple

10. Sunscreen – apply, re-apply, re-apply keep your skin protected!

Some other things I’d bring that are not in the picture: Water, fresh fruit, a book.

Have a great day and think SUN!

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