Haven’t had posts in awhile

I really haven’t had time to post anything, which really sucks because I have about 4 posts almost ready to go.  Things seem to get so busy.  Sunday night is nice and relaxing and then Monday morning things seem to fall.

Monday this week was quite cold, about -15 WC.  Then on Tuesday it was -25 WC, I worked from home that day but my husband had to go into work.  Cold weather = car not happy  On his way home from work something in the motor blew on the interstate, during rush hour.  GREAT!! So after a crazy call from my husband freaking out, I had to call the sheriff, which I learned a break down on the interstate is a 911 emergency, to get a squad car behind him.  The next task was to get a tow truck, HA! It took about 20 minutes to even find a tow truck place that had time to answer the phones.  Once again, Cold weather = lots of car break downs.  Finally got a tow place and my husband’s friend was kind enough to go and pick him up from the interstate (so he had a warm place to sit) and wait for the tow truck with him.  Needless to say it was a bit stressful.  There was a whole other bit of stress to that situation but I’m not going into it.  This can sum it up: When you are in trouble or need help you find out who your real family and friends are.  They are the ones that will come in help or offer assistance to you.  Leeches run away.

Right, so that left us with 1 car, which makes getting to work very hard when public transportation really doesn’t exist in my area and we each work 25 miles in the opposite directions from home. Nicely enough, out friend is my co-worker and he was able to drive me to work for 2 days.  But we should be getting the car back today, there was a lot of oil all over the engine so it is taking some time to clean.
Once that is back to normal I will be posting a cookie recipe and steps, an outfit, and maybe something about tonight’s dinner and my mom’s birthday.
I hope everyone’s week went well.  Keep Warm!! It’s cold out there!
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