Weekend Links

It’s Friday!! Ho-rah, you made it through another work week!  Here are some interesting things I found on the web this week.

Cute ponies in sweaters in Scotland 

I love french style, some day I will visit there, until then I read on what to pack

How to tie a scarf, because it’s winter and you probably wear one everyday

These faux fur blankets look so warm, if only I could have a couple in my apartment.

This four-corner villa makes living in the woods look magical.

With winter storm Nemo leaving only 6 inches of snow here in Milwaukee, we didn’t have to worry to much about being stuck in doors. Nemo is now heading to the East Coast were it is expected to stall and dump about 2 ft of snow. Here are some links to help prepare for the storm and some of what to do while stuck inside.




Ideas for activities when you are stuck inside and bored:

E How –How to keep entertained during a blizzard

Blog Fun Mama – Things to do during a blizzard

10 Things to do during a blizzard

If you are one of those lucky ones that has nice weather this weekend, go outside and Enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!

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