Outfit of the Week – Sun is Shining and there are places to go

Waking up in the morning with the sun shining through the window. The day upon you looks relaxing and calm. You turn on the Relaxing Radio station on Pandora and consider what you might do today. Getting out of bed, you put on a comfy yet elegant skirt, cute red shirt and your go to cardigan to keep off the morning chill. Looking in your jewelry box you see the perfect gold necklace that makes you think of Paris. A pair of heart earrings, a cross ring, and those two stylish gold bracelets complete your jewelry look. Heading out to the living room you pick up your spacious and animal friendly tote bag with your two pins ‘I’ve got your 6’ and ‘Yellow Support the Troops ribbon’ on it. You easily fit your wallet, keys, mobile phone, book, small laptop, camera, water bottle, and small odds and ends pouch in the tote. Kiss the cat good-bye and head down stairs to slip on your black ballet flats. Out the door you go for a relaxing day that can take you anywhere. And you are ready to go anywhere today.

Lazy day oufit

Cardigan | Shirt | Skirt | Earrings | Bracelet | Ring | Necklace | Nail Polish | Ballet Shoes

Bag items

MacBook Air | iPhone 5 | Got Your 6 Pin | Yellow Ribbon Pin | Camera | Pouch | Water Bottle | Wallet | Tote | Book

A little note on the book: Greeting From Afghanistan Send More Ammo by Benjamin Tupper, this is not a book that you would sit down and read all the way through in one day.  You could but you’d probably understand it better if you read it over a time period.  I’m almost half way through this book and would recommend it to every one!

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