Weekend Cooking- Food Pictures

This weekend I thought it would be great to pre-make all of this food for the week.  But I didn’t get around to grocery shopping till Sunday morning.  So I ended up making only 3 things and I forgot to take a picture of one because I ate it up so fast.

I found this recipe on The Pioneer Women – Strawberry Oatmeal Bars.  These are so good and so easy to make.  As you can see from the picture I started eating them before I took a picture and before they cooled off enough  They are a bit sugary for me but that is ok.  I think they taste like strawberry poptarts!

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

The next thing that I made was for some of my lunches this week.  Salad in a Jar idea I found on Healthy. Happy. Life.  I would have never thought of this.  I hope that these make it through the week.

Jar Salads

The last item I made I forgot to take a picture of.  Maybe later in the week when I make them I’ll post a picture on Twitter.  I made Spanakopita from David Lebovitz blog.  Once these are cooked they are really good!  But to get there is trying, filo dough and I are not friends and probably will never be.  It is difficult to work with but if you don’t get it perfect on this recipe that’s ok, it will still turn out great!!

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