Asking for a prayer for my Uncle

I don’t have any food pictures to post today. Instead I have a favor to ask and I’ve never done this before. Today my Uncle is going in for a second emergency brain surgery to clean up the bleeding on his brain and/or calcium build up from his last surgery. My Uncle has an aggressive stage 4 brain cancer that was discovered in August 2012. He has had brain surgery, constant chemo and 37 sessions in a row of high radiation treatment. Since December he has been receiving Avastin treatments every 2 weeks. He is doing everything he can to have more time with his 14-year-old daughter and wife. On Wednesday last week, his daughter’s birthday, he was rushed to the hospital again. This is when they found that he has bleeding on his brain. He has some of the best doctors (cancer doctor, brain surgeon, and neurologist) and they are all working together to find the best treatment that gives him a chance for more time but also allows him to be in not so much pain. Which can be difficult since all cancer treatments are painful.

Please pray that the doctor plan and perform the best treatment plan and surgery that they can. Please send positive thoughts and prays to my Uncle, Aunt, cousin, and all the doctors involved that the outcome can be a positive one for all.

Thank you!

Live everyday like it is your last, the present is a gift and the future is not guaranteed.

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