My Birthday

My 28th birthday was yesterday.  And it was a pretty good day.  I took in these wonderful pink cupcakes to work.  Which is great because I work with just about all guys, IT dept, and seeing them have to eat pink cupcakes is fun!

Happy Birthday

I was surprised when my manager gave me this orchid.  She knows that my husband and I just started getting into Orchids.  They are some what difficult to grown but once you get it they become an addictive plant to grow! We have 4 of our own, 1 that we are caring for my mother-in-law and we’ll be going to the Orchid Garden Centre in a couple of weeks to look at some more!

Happy Birthday

My dad stopped by on his way home from work, something he never does, and gave me a birthday card and some roses for my birthday.  It was really lovely.

Happy Birthday

I finished off my birthday by having some birthday cake and watching the first season of Duck Dynasty with my husband.

Happy Birthday

Also, all day we were getting updates from my mother-in-law on my sister-in-law’s double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  The surgery took 7 hours, but the doctors were able to get the tumor out and it was not on her rib! Which they were worried it was.  She will get the results on Friday for the tumor and the lymph nodes.  She is doing well and was able to go home from the hospital.  If everything goes to the current plan and the tissues comes back clean, she will be all done with her surgery and reconstruction by June. She’ll then be able to come home to Wisconsin for a couple of weeks to see family.

Pink ribbons with birds scarf

Every day I send positive thoughts to my Uncle Dave who is fighting Brain Cancer and to my Sister-in-law who is fighting Breast Cancer.

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