First Bento’ish box post!

In the ongoing effort to eat better and to pack lunches that are easy to make, I’ve started making bento style lunches.  My husband’s lunches tend to be a bit larger than mine because he is on his feet all day working with heavy machines.  The lunches this week are very simple because I didn’t set aside that much time to plan, I just wanted us to have a lunch that wasn’t frozen!

This week I had two different lunches

Bento lunch 1

Sun Butter with multi-grain crackers, carrots and apple slices

Bento 2 - me

Carrots, Plain Greek Yogurt,  Sun Butter and raw honey sandwich

My husband lunch, he had about the same thing all week.

Bento lunch 1 - his

Carrots, Soft chocolate chip cookies, Pita sandwich with cheese and ham

signature 2


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