Do you comment on blogs?

As I  read my favorite blogs everyday, I see very few comments or responses on posts.  This makes me wonder if the art of conversation in the ‘digital age’  has disappeared.   As more and more people are online more than offline have we lost the ability to criticize each other positively or negatively.   Are we too concerned with what others may think of our statements.  Or are we just too lazy or busy to even take time to fully read a post and form an opinion of it.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Do you comment on blogs?

  1. I used to keep a blog at livejournal and I just assumed no one read it because I got few comments. Now, with WordPress providing analytics, I am amazed at how many people look at my posts in contrast with how few decide to take any action, whatsoever–be it commenting, “liking” or even mentioning to me they read it.

    I’ve really appreciated the few times that people have messaged me and told me they enjoyed my blog or how it inspired them to do something I did. Really appreciate your post here, it is something that I have been feeling and thinking about myself.

    I think it is a combination of all the factors you mentioned. As a guideline, I would say, if you enjoy reading a blog, make sure to comment on occasion. I am certain the blogger would appreciate it.

    • The ‘likes’ and the analytics that WordPress provides is fantastic and does help one see that their blog and posts are being read. I think you are right on with commenting on blogs you read often, it seems so simple but that one comment or like that you get on a post can really make your day!

  2. I only comment if I have something to say. If I don’t feel like I have anything to add, but I enjoyed the post, I’ll click the “like” button (at least on WordPress) or share it on Twitter. Most of my favorite blogs have pretty active and positive comment sections.

  3. What an interesting question!

    I do endeavour to comment on blogs I visit (or intend to visit) regularly. I’m less likely to comment on something I stumble across randomly or if there’s already a lot of comments. I particularly like to leave an encouraging and relevant comment if there aren’t many other comments. I also use the ‘like’ button – especially if I can’t think of anything useful to say!

    As a blogger, I appreciate ‘likes’, but would really like conversation, too! I’m not sure how to encourage that though – any thoughts, anyone?!

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