One Cappuccino too Many

The other morning I decided tit would be nice to have a warm coffee drink for breakfast.  The temperature had swung from 50’s back to the 30’s with rain, rain, and freezing rain.  I needed a warm up, something to keep me going in the dreary spring.  On my way to work I stop at Starbucks, the only place open at 5 am besides McDs, and ordered a tall cappuccino and a veggie breakfast sandwich.  I had to eat something with the coffee!

Later at work and about half a cappuccino down, I was bouncing around in my chair.  Caffeine!!  Normally I have coffee drinks in the afternoon to help get me through the rest of the day.  I started to remember why I don’t have caffeine in the morning.  By 8:30 am, two and a half hours at work, I’d completed all the work I had for the day and started  getting bored with siting at my desk.  I decided to get up from my desk and walk over to the area where my other co-workers sit and talked to them.  My team lead know right away that I must have had coffee this morning because I was too happy for being at work.  That made me realize its great to work with people who get to know you. OK, back on the story, I spent the entire work day ready to complete any new work that came my way.  Just sitting at my desk  for  8 hours with way too much caffeine.

So lesson learned, no caffeine for me before work.  I’ll save all my cappuccino and latte dreams for the weekend.

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