Since monday I have been glued to the TV.  I watched the update while the Boston Marathon was being ran and then right before I was going to leave work the news stations erupted in terrible news.  At first, confusion trying to figure out what happened, how, why, who.  Then in the coming day we learn of 3 lives lost Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu,and Krystle Campbell.  We watch, see, and read of all the people who have been injured, mild and life altering.  Then reports of ricin letters being sent, the Beloit health center shut down, and the explosion in West, Texas.  It felt like the world was imploding upon us all.  But we did not let that keep us down.  We looked around and said we don’t lie down!  This morning, waking up at 3 am to my phone going off with alerts about the MIT shooting, the loss of Sean Collier and reports that the suspects had been seen.  There was no more sleeping, I got up and turned on the news to watch what had happened.  On my way to work and at work I listened to NPR all day waiting to hear some good news.  Nothing, just door to door searches all day long.  5:30pm they lifted the shelter in place, not but 30 minutes later a home owner found the suspect, alive.  Another flurry of alerts on my phone, I turn the tv back to the news, watching and waiting with the world.  Hoping that they get him alive.  And then about an hour ago, listening to the police scanner the magic words were said “Suspect in Custody”.   He was ALIVE!!!

It was not the most perfect ending, there are still people who have been killed.  There are still around 200 people injured, that will be dealing with their injuries and pains long after the news coverage, the tweets, and the posts.  They will always have this on their mind for the rest of their lives.  But to have a suspect alive gives just a little closure.  You can’t ask a dead person why or how, they have to be alive to answer.

Just my thoughts from this past week, raw and typed out just after the capture while the Boston news conference is on.  I think the President is speaking next.

Rest easier Boston and Watertown.  Rest easier America.

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