Fun Spring Weekend

This weekend was busy and relaxing at the same time. My husband and I went out to dinner with friends on Friday. Saturday, I spend part of the day with my mom, a late Mother’s Day. We went for a run, picked up a greek chicken sandwich (from Green Kitchen) at the Milwaukee Market, and enjoyed some coffee at Stone Creek Coffee. The time was also spent with another ‘how to use Facebook and your iPhone’ session with my mom, I’m her on-call tech support. Sunday was rushing to get everything done day. I had cleaning to do before my sister-in-law visits this holiday weekend, it’s only half done. But my husband and I found time to visit the Milwaukee Market and Whole Foods. The weather was just wonderful, it was so hard to work on things inside. Hopefully the forecast for this up coming weekend changes to be less cold and more sunny. Either way, it will be a fun week ahead.

Some pictures from this weekend:

Weekend 5/17/2013

Skyline from I-94

Weekend 5/17/2013

Stone Creek Coffee Giant Mug!

Weekend 5/17/2013

Giant Jawbrakers ~ Milwaukee Market

Weekend 5/17/2013

Mmm.. chocolate Eiffel Towers ~ Milwaukee Market

Weekend 5/17/2013

More vendors ~ Milwaukee Market

Weekend 5/17/2013

Greek Chicken with avocado from Green Kitchen

Weekend 5/17/2013

Latte ~ Stone Creek Coffee

Weekend 5/17/2013

Manual V60 drip coffee ~ Stone Creek Coffee

Weekend 5/17/2013

Sugar cookie for the hubbys

Weekend 5/17/2013

Basket for the farmers market from my mom, Pepper is checking it out

Weekend 5/17/2013

First open rose on the balcony

Weekend 5/17/2013

My setup outside, enjoying the wonderful weather

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