David McDonough, The passing of a great soul

There are many sides to a person, just as there is with my Uncle David.  Some knew him as buddy, friend, skydiver, crawfishlover, beerdrinker, California wine connoisseur, parrothead, troublemaker, Uncle, Brother, Son, Husband, and Father.  I knew him as my Uncle, the one ‘older’ person that I knew that didn’t make me feel like a child.  He didn’t talk down to me, he always treated me as an equal, even when I was 8 and he was teaching me how to cook chicken on the grill.  The steps were simple:

1. Place the chicken on the grill, open a Corona and drink

2. Once you’ve finished the beer, flip the chicken and open another beer

3. Complete the second Corona and the chicken will be done.

I haven’t been able to replicate this way of cooking chicken, I think it has to do with the fact I can’t drink that fast :).

He was the cool Uncle that lived in California, traveled to Fiji to scuba diver, and jumped out of plane (skydive) because it was fun.  He was an amazing person who did so many things in his life.  And he will be missed by his wife, daughter, family, and friends.

From my mother, Sarah David’s sister:

Blue Skies

Black Death

Fly with the Angels

No more suffering

No more pain

R.I.P. my Dear Brother David

So at the end of today, a day of tears sad for your passing but relived you are no longer in pain, I lift this Corona and drink to you Uncle Dave.  May you find Blue Skies.


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