Quick note…. writing more

Just a quick note, recently I’ve been writing more and I hope to have some of it posted on here soon.  There’s one short writing that I can’t wait to post but I have to make sure the timing it right.  It seems with the season of summer ending and fall inching itself back in my creativity levels soar.  Just the thought that soon the trees will be ablaze in bright oranges, reds and yellows make me want to get out my sketch pad, canvas, paints and cameras and hit the roads in look for the perfect or imperfect images.  Fall, Autumn the season of cool weather but warm hugging sweaters and beautiful landscapes.

So like I said I hope to start posting again, there will be no pattern to the madness just creative flow.  And if anyone has some good pointers on how to use Photoshop to create quote pictures, please let me know, I’ve been fighting with it!

Enjoy the weekend!

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No inspiration

Recently, I haven’t been inspired to post anything and I’ve been a bit busy. The weather has gone from nice to cold too many times to count. The next month is jus filled to the top with family things. The only time I have to relax is the hour I work out a day and watch a recorded reality show. Otherwise it’s crazy and the days are only going to get more packed with hopefully warm weather, festivals, music in the park, pool time, on and on. But that’s ok, it keeps life going. I just have to remember to say No sometimes and make time for myself.

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Do you comment on blogs?

As I  read my favorite blogs everyday, I see very few comments or responses on posts.  This makes me wonder if the art of conversation in the ‘digital age’  has disappeared.   As more and more people are online more than offline have we lost the ability to criticize each other positively or negatively.   Are we too concerned with what others may think of our statements.  Or are we just too lazy or busy to even take time to fully read a post and form an opinion of it.

What do you think?

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When your account is hacked

I am really disgusted today with the way people act. This morning my credit card information was stolen from a very secure site (well now maybe not as secure as I thought!) and used to try to purchase a small item. Luckily, some of the information the thieves lifted was wrong and the bank declined the charge. The site that my card number was stolen from was helpful in blocking both my account and the fake account with my information. They also blocked my card from the site. My bank was very quick with canceling my card and putting a flag on the account. It’s just, even though I know I’ve done what I should do to stop this I still feel violated Which seems weird to say since I was not physically violated and I tend to associate violation with physical involvement and not with cyber or data stealing. I actually feel a bit paranoid that someone is going to jump out at me and try to take my bag or something like that. I know that it would not happen and things like this happen a thousand times a day. I just feel really violated to the point were I want to sign off from the cyber world. But I can’t do that, being online and on computers is my job and I’ve been working on computers since I was 3. Maybe just for the week so I get everything updated, changed, and checked out.

Things like this make you step back and think, are you really as secure as you think, and your really prepared and are you strong enough to handle it all?

Have a great week and make sure you protect your identity!!

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New Printer!!!

Techie post to follow:

I just bought a new printer today. I’m very happy, my old HP printer lasted about 4 years and then the wireless stopped working in it. Big bummer. So enter my new printer, HP Photojet 5220. I’ve had it for 4 hours and love it. It’s connected wirelessly to my computers and I can print from my iPhones and iPad. Plus there are some great apps on the printer, a plus because I had no idea those were on there.

There it is in the box


All set up


Ok, good night!

❤ Tina