Where do you go to escape in your mind?

When every day life gets to be too much and you just need a break where do you go in your mind to relax and think everything through?  It would be great to be able to just take a mini vacation every time you need a break from it all but for most of us that is impossible.

For me I picture a quiet room with a large picture window. When looking outside the scenery is always a forest at the peak colors in Autumn.  A cream city brick wood burning fireplace, that never runs out of wood, is at the side of the room keeping it warm.  An overstuffed suede gray couch with black, teal, and white pillows, and a couple of white soft faux fur blankets sits in the middle of the room looking out the window yet angled toward the fire. There is a plush cream color rug, one that your feet sink into, in front of the couch on the old worn wood floor.  Next to the couch is a  dark-wood side table with a mint lavender tea in a pink cup and a soft black leather journal with the perfect weighted black ink pen sitting on top.  A stack of my favorite books in hard cover are on the floor in front of the table. And I am sitting in the middle of the couch in warm black leggings, oversized comfy Irish fisherman’s sweater with my hair falling across my face.  Meditating in my perfect room where I can relax and clear the fog.

Where do you go?

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Quick note…. writing more

Just a quick note, recently I’ve been writing more and I hope to have some of it posted on here soon.  There’s one short writing that I can’t wait to post but I have to make sure the timing it right.  It seems with the season of summer ending and fall inching itself back in my creativity levels soar.  Just the thought that soon the trees will be ablaze in bright oranges, reds and yellows make me want to get out my sketch pad, canvas, paints and cameras and hit the roads in look for the perfect or imperfect images.  Fall, Autumn the season of cool weather but warm hugging sweaters and beautiful landscapes.

So like I said I hope to start posting again, there will be no pattern to the madness just creative flow.  And if anyone has some good pointers on how to use Photoshop to create quote pictures, please let me know, I’ve been fighting with it!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Outfit- Walking through Fall leaves

Well, I’m posting this outfit a day late because I’ve misplaced my power cable to my laptop.  And so now the laptop is dead 😦

All of the items from these 2 outfits are from Zara.  I did created a woman and man outfit this time around, a little something different.  I can picture myself in this outfit walking with my husband (in the ‘dream’ outfit  I’ve created for him because my husband would never dress this way, it’s not his style) through the park or down the side-walk looking at all the leaves changing colors.  For the woman, instead of a purse I chose a little clutch.  It is big enough to hold an id, money, and a phone but small enough that it could be folded and put in the coat pocket.  Allowing hands free to take pictures with a SLR camera, hold a warm drink or the hand of the person you are walking with.


Coat | Sweater | Scarf | Clutch | Jean | Shoes

Coat | Shirt | Hat | Belt | Jeans | Shoes

BTW, I wish I could buy both of these outfits.

Outfit – Country house in Belgium

This is based off of an international house in the NY Times.  I send a link to the article with the follow pictures described:

“Not a warmer place weather wise, but can’t you picture yourself walking around the house grounds with knee-high boots, skinny jeans, an over-sized sweater and a hot cup of coffee playing with a dog (likes the ones in the 1st picture)?  Well I can :)”

Here is the link to the article House Hunting in Belgium.

The outfit is meant to be cozy and nice for a fall day.  The sweater is completely what I was thinking but it was what I could find.  The boots, I’m thinking about getting those.


Hat(Forever21) | Boots(Kohls) | Sweater(H&M) | Jeans(UO)Necklace(DailyCoyote) | Mug(ModCloth)


ps: I did have a lot more to write, but too tired to remember it all 😦

Weekend Links

Starting a new thing for Friday.  Just a list of some links to articles or items that I though were interesting for the week.  Some are for you look at lovely items and some you could use in a constructive off-line discussion with friends or family.  Yes, off-line, that is where you talk to someone face to face.  I’ll write more about my feelings on that later.  Enjoy these links, I’m off to enjoy this weekend off-line!

*CPS teachers end strike (from 09/19/2012)

* These skull lollipops look amazing, in fact everything in this Esty shop (Vintage Confections) looks great.  I might have to order some.

* The Photo Argus site’s post – 60 Breathtaking Fall Images, is just fantastic.  I love fall so much and this photos are, as the title says, Breathtaking.

* This search on Tumblr, Sugar Skull Tattoos

* These jeans 🙂