Its been awhile

It’s been sometime since I’ve last posted.  So much has changed and the days have been passing at the speed of light.  I hope to start posting more, as it’s an outlet for all that is going on.  This blog might be a little different.There will be some style, books, my hamster, outfits, some soap box complaining about the difficulties of managing a team, coffee shops, my progression on going back to school while working full-time, and a little bit about my relationship (at his approval).

All of my old posts will still be on here, I see no reason to delete or hide them.
Our Part

Summer Break?

Well, it seems I’ve taken a summer break from the blog.  With all of the holidays and family events seeming to happen at the same time I sadly forgot to blog!  Summer is really an active time around here.  There are festivals, farmer’s markets, and music just about every day.  We seem to attempt to fit 365 days of fun outside in just 3 or 4 months.

So if it is nice outside or even raining, go and enjoy it!

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