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Happy Monday morning!  This weekend my husband and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair.  My favorite parts of the fair are the animals and the local food products.  After going through the Wisconsin products pavilion I always have a million different recipes ideas in my head.  But like normal, it almost all seeps out of my head before I can write them down.  of course after all of this thinking about food I go and check on my favorite cooking blogs for ideas.  So here are some of the sites that I visit:

Pioneer Woman

Georgia Pellegrini

Annie’s Eats

Big Girls Small Kitchen

Cookin Canuck

Oh She Glows

The Kitchn

The faux Martha

A Cozy Kitchen

Two Peas & Their Pod

Oh My Veggies

I’m excited to try a number of new recipes this year as I am finally getting a deep freezer!!! Yes, its the little things that make me happy 🙂
Have a great Monday and SMILE!

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I wish to just sit down and write but my brain won’t let me

Sometimes is it hard to sit down and write an entire blog posts.  My ideas come in waves and only stay for a short time.  Some are meant to result in short statements and other into page long debates.  It just depends on what I’m able to hold on to and write down before it runs away.

ADD can be annoying at times, especially when you want to write long and well composed entries but end up with short and confusing ones instead.  Probably the reason why I like to do fashion, music, and cooking blogs.  It is easier for my mind to concentrate for the shorter amount of time.  But it’s sad because I truly long for those moments I can write and stay focused.

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Do you comment on blogs?

As I  read my favorite blogs everyday, I see very few comments or responses on posts.  This makes me wonder if the art of conversation in the ‘digital age’  has disappeared.   As more and more people are online more than offline have we lost the ability to criticize each other positively or negatively.   Are we too concerned with what others may think of our statements.  Or are we just too lazy or busy to even take time to fully read a post and form an opinion of it.

What do you think?

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Weekend Links – Blogs

Whenever I get free time (ha!), I like to poke around on the web and read different blogs. There are some blogs that really draw me in and I return to them as much as I can.  Really, I’m jealous of how great their blog setups are and how they are able to post interesting items each day.

Here are a couple of the ones that I do visit often:

To all the Bloggers

To all the dedicated Bloggers that update their blogs every day with interesting and new things, I envy you.  I wish I had the time and the ideas or schedules that you keep to update your blogs everyday.  I am thankful that you do, it gives me something to aim for.  One day, one day this blog will have a purpose and regular posts.