When your account is hacked

I am really disgusted today with the way people act. This morning my credit card information was stolen from a very secure site (well now maybe not as secure as I thought!) and used to try to purchase a small item. Luckily, some of the information the thieves lifted was wrong and the bank declined the charge. The site that my card number was stolen from was helpful in blocking both my account and the fake account with my information. They also blocked my card from the site. My bank was very quick with canceling my card and putting a flag on the account. It’s just, even though I know I’ve done what I should do to stop this I still feel violated Which seems weird to say since I was not physically violated and I tend to associate violation with physical involvement and not with cyber or data stealing. I actually feel a bit paranoid that someone is going to jump out at me and try to take my bag or something like that. I know that it would not happen and things like this happen a thousand times a day. I just feel really violated to the point were I want to sign off from the cyber world. But I can’t do that, being online and on computers is my job and I’ve been working on computers since I was 3. Maybe just for the week so I get everything updated, changed, and checked out.

Things like this make you step back and think, are you really as secure as you think, and your really prepared and are you strong enough to handle it all?

Have a great week and make sure you protect your identity!!

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Weekend Links – Blogs

Whenever I get free time (ha!), I like to poke around on the web and read different blogs. There are some blogs that really draw me in and I return to them as much as I can.  Really, I’m jealous of how great their blog setups are and how they are able to post interesting items each day.

Here are a couple of the ones that I do visit often: