Do you comment on blogs?

As I  read my favorite blogs everyday, I see very few comments or responses on posts.  This makes me wonder if the art of conversation in the ‘digital age’  has disappeared.   As more and more people are online more than offline have we lost the ability to criticize each other positively or negatively.   Are we too concerned with what others may think of our statements.  Or are we just too lazy or busy to even take time to fully read a post and form an opinion of it.

What do you think?

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Feeling defeated

I’m feeling a bit defeated.  For the first time since I started blogging I asked someone close to me to take a look at my blog.  I’ve never had, to my knowledge  any family members read my blog.  And now I know why.  Obviously everyone has their own interests and their own way to look at things.  That is why there can be so many different blogs! And not everyone’s interests will match, not even with your family.  This is the reason I really didn’t let my family know about my blog.  To me, their approval means so much.  I really don’t know why but it does. So when my mom looked at my blog and the only thing she had to say was ‘it looks like you post things that are your interests’ it really kind of hurt.  Of course, the blog will have things that are my interests but to have that as the only feed back from my mom was kind of painful. I have to remember that to be successful in anything you need both positive and constructive criticism.   So I carry on!

UPDATE:  So after I original posted this I received an email from my mom about 2 hours later, saying that she actually took the time to look at the blog and she does like it.  I guess what can be learned is that when someone does give you a comment on something, like a blog, don’t read into it too much.  You can never be sure if they have actually read it or are just making a quick observation.

Have a great weekend!

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