Weekend Links

Starting a new thing for Friday.  Just a list of some links to articles or items that I though were interesting for the week.  Some are for you look at lovely items and some you could use in a constructive off-line discussion with friends or family.  Yes, off-line, that is where you talk to someone face to face.  I’ll write more about my feelings on that later.  Enjoy these links, I’m off to enjoy this weekend off-line!

*CPS teachers end strike (from 09/19/2012)

* These skull lollipops look amazing, in fact everything in this Esty shop (Vintage Confections) looks great.  I might have to order some.

* The Photo Argus site’s post – 60 Breathtaking Fall Images, is just fantastic.  I love fall so much and this photos are, as the title says, Breathtaking.

* This search on Tumblr, Sugar Skull Tattoos

* These jeans 🙂