Summer Rain Fall

Rain on Rose

Lightly the rain covers the leaves, grass, roses, sidewalk, and road.  The gentle breezy brings the fresh moist air into my window.  Everything outside is being cleansed by the cool water as my spirit is being up lifted by the smell and calming sound of the rain drops.

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Quick note…. writing more

Just a quick note, recently I’ve been writing more and I hope to have some of it posted on here soon.  There’s one short writing that I can’t wait to post but I have to make sure the timing it right.  It seems with the season of summer ending and fall inching itself back in my creativity levels soar.  Just the thought that soon the trees will be ablaze in bright oranges, reds and yellows make me want to get out my sketch pad, canvas, paints and cameras and hit the roads in look for the perfect or imperfect images.  Fall, Autumn the season of cool weather but warm hugging sweaters and beautiful landscapes.

So like I said I hope to start posting again, there will be no pattern to the madness just creative flow.  And if anyone has some good pointers on how to use Photoshop to create quote pictures, please let me know, I’ve been fighting with it!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Music video of the week – Ingrid Michaelson

This week isn’t really a music video as it is a song on YouTube.  I tend to listen to Ingrid Michaelson’s when life is busy and I can’t find up from down. To me her music is relaxing and almost like a lullaby.  In fact, the first time I listened to her music was about 5 years ago when I went up to Door County for vacation.  I would listen to Slow the Rain and Girls and Boys (albums) while sitting outside and looking at the beautiful fall colors.  Because of that every time I listen to her music I am brought back to that relaxing state of feeling the crisp air on my face and looking at all the beautiful fall colors.

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The perfect Fall day

I want to take a trip on the first cold day of fall when the leaves are turning up to Door County.  I want to walk in the falling leaves wearing a long dress, comfy sweater gloves, hat, and scarf with a cold breeze that nips at your nose.  I want to listen the noise of falling and crunching under my feet.  To feel, see, and smell the season changing is the most relaxing thing to do.  This would be the perfect start to fall.