Standing on the outside looking in

I’m standing outside in the cold damp grass watching the perfect family through their kitchen window.

The four of them sitting at the dinner table with a fine meal before them.  They lower their heads in family prayer and then begin to enjoy the feast.  They laugh at each others jokes and funny comments. Talk to each other about their day and what they would like to do after the meal. The dog and cat are even enjoying dinner next to each other without a hiss or bark.  It all looks picture perfect.

As they eat, talk, smile, and enjoy their company I can feel the cold earth beneath my feet begin to cave in. A black thorny vine starts to crawl slowly up my legs binding them together making small shallow cuts on its way.  Cold, damp, strong, and irresistible, it travels up my body consuming me to my neck.  It pulls me back into the damp darkness of which no light can find.

David McDonough, The passing of a great soul

There are many sides to a person, just as there is with my Uncle David.  Some knew him as buddy, friend, skydiver, crawfishlover, beerdrinker, California wine connoisseur, parrothead, troublemaker, Uncle, Brother, Son, Husband, and Father.  I knew him as my Uncle, the one ‘older’ person that I knew that didn’t make me feel like a child.  He didn’t talk down to me, he always treated me as an equal, even when I was 8 and he was teaching me how to cook chicken on the grill.  The steps were simple:

1. Place the chicken on the grill, open a Corona and drink

2. Once you’ve finished the beer, flip the chicken and open another beer

3. Complete the second Corona and the chicken will be done.

I haven’t been able to replicate this way of cooking chicken, I think it has to do with the fact I can’t drink that fast :).

He was the cool Uncle that lived in California, traveled to Fiji to scuba diver, and jumped out of plane (skydive) because it was fun.  He was an amazing person who did so many things in his life.  And he will be missed by his wife, daughter, family, and friends.

From my mother, Sarah David’s sister:

Blue Skies

Black Death

Fly with the Angels

No more suffering

No more pain

R.I.P. my Dear Brother David

So at the end of today, a day of tears sad for your passing but relived you are no longer in pain, I lift this Corona and drink to you Uncle Dave.  May you find Blue Skies.


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When you realize that some people change and in your eyes the change for the worse, it hurts

This is something that I am having to deal with right now.  There has been a great deal of stress in the family for the past year due to different family members being very very ill and stressful circumstances.  One person can not be expected to take care of all the sick people in one family, and up until now, everyone lived in their dream worlds thinking that.  Now that others who have kept there heads burned in the sand for the last year have surfaced for air, they are seeing that we can not keep going on like this, with all the pressure on just us.  But instead of fully helping out, without complains, they are complaining and blaming.  Granted, they are helping were they can, the complaining and over all bitching is completely un-needed and is putting more stress on us.

I have a feeling that those with evil hearts are trying to pull us apart by planting seeds of lies in those with weak minds.
I just hope in the end, we are still a family.
Have you dealt with a family situation like this?  How did it work out in the end?
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Summer Break?

Well, it seems I’ve taken a summer break from the blog.  With all of the holidays and family events seeming to happen at the same time I sadly forgot to blog!  Summer is really an active time around here.  There are festivals, farmer’s markets, and music just about every day.  We seem to attempt to fit 365 days of fun outside in just 3 or 4 months.

So if it is nice outside or even raining, go and enjoy it!

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Photos from the weekend

This past weekend my husband and I attended a family wedding.   The church ceremony was lovely and short, perfect.  The Pastor have an interesting speech on how marriage is like a sturdy chair.  The Pastor had one of the groomsmen sit on the chair and then had him carry it out during the procession.  That chair bit came back when the groomsman and bridesmaid entered with the wedding party at the reception.  He carried her in on a chair.  It was quite funny!  The reception was beautiful and fun.  I think everyone really did enjoy themselves, some… maybe a little too much with the open beer and wine bar.

Here are some pictures from the weekend

The couple pouring the unity sand
Wedding 5-11-13
My sister-in-law, cousin, aunt-in-law, and me
Wedding 5-11-13
My husband

A glass of wine before dinner

My husband and I before dinner (bad lighting)

The entire meal
Wedding 5-11-13
Martini glass center pieces
Wedding 5-11-13
Wedding 5-11-13
The dance floor

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