Outfit of the Week – Adult Snow Day

We finally have some snow! Well, we did last week but this weekend’s rain made it disappear quite quickly. Hopefully there will be some more snow soon. But for those out in the northern east coast, you have plenty of snow for some fun snow activities! Playing in the snow is something that most of us did as children. I remember wishing and hoping every time it snowed that we would get a snow day, but not even 1 foot of snow over night would cancel school. No snow days for me, on the other side of that we did get to go out and play in the snow for recess. As adults we do not take the time to go outside and enjoy the snow. We make time to go online, Facebook, Twitter, play games on our phones, ect but not for snow. Why not? Have we forgotten what it is like to go and play in the white and cold snow? Well, this week’s outfit and accessories will help you with some ideas for snow fun!!

Snow Day Wear

Coat | Shirt | Snow Pants | Socks | Snow Boots | Hat | Gloves

Snow day Toys

Cross-Country Skis | Boots | Ski Poles | Snow Shoes | Snow Tube

Snow tubing, cross-country skiing, and snow shoeing and just a couple of things to do. You can down hill ski, snow board, snowmobile make snowman, snow forts, and have an adult snow ball fight (try not to hit the face). So if you have snow outside, go out and play in it! It will make you feel better!

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Whether to go into work or not on really really cold days – living with Raynaud’s Disease

Driving in to work this morning was a more dangerous decision than normal.  The temperatures today are supposed to peak at 0 and go down from there.  By tomorrow morning it will be about -25 (WC) degrees.  Normal, this would just mean that the average person will wear their gloves, hat and winter coat and go about their day.   For me, on a day with just 0 degrees  it means a double layer of pants, double layer of shirts, winter coat, scarf,  thick hat, at least 2 pairs of gloves with a heater pack, thick wool socks with a heater pack and my Ugg boots.  That is just so I can get from my apartment to the car and hope it warms up fast. Even though this is how I dressed today, by the time I got to work my fingers and toes where still white and nails are purple/blue.  Thank goodness I have a space heater at work so I can warm up my feet enough to change into work socks and shoes for the day.  As for my hands, I have a pair of gloves that I wear at my desk at all times.  And it’s not like my office area is cold, it’s about 68 degrees in here.
Tomorrow will be a different story,  I am so very very lucky enough that I can do my contracting work from home if needed and if approved (the difficult part).  I really don’t like to, but if it is going to be -20/-30 WC tomorrow I might have to.  Just to save my hands and feet from the bitter cold and dealing with additional pain and some times non-working hands all day.
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Outfit – Thanksgiving

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US.  A day that we spend with family and friends filling or over filling our bellies with food and watching football. Some people then try to get a quick nap in before going out black friday shopping

For me it is usually a day of cooking a meal for my husband, mom, and step-dad.  After dinner we take a walk or just relax.  It is a great day to spend with those you care about and be thankful for what you have.  That’s why I think the whole shopping early on Thursday or early (midnight) on Friday really changes the way some people view this holiday.  More of that on another post.  Here are the outfits.

The first outfit could be if you are visiting family or friends.  A cosy yet cute outfit.

Coat | Sweater | Leggings | Boots | Earrings | Bag

This is a two-part outfit.  First a set of ‘protective’ wear for the kitchen:

Apron | Oven mitt | Gloves

Then a set of beautiful clothes for dinner as hostess:

Dress | Sweater | Tights | Earrings | Indoor Shoes

*Indoor shoes, in my upper apartment the front door is downstairs, it is much easier to keep a clean floor if outdoor shoes are removed at the bottom of the stairs.  Plus, at this time of year outside can be very wet and frozen.

At the end of the long day and a filling dinner you might just want to jump into some comfy pajamas.  Here is a cute pair to wear at home or have in your bag so you can change if you are spending the night a family or friends house.


I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Remember be thankful for what you have!

Thankful for – Nov 13

Today I’m thankful for fingerless gloves (yes it’s a bit selfish).  Due to the roof work on the bldg at work, water leaked all over my cube area.  It soaked the ceiling tiles above my desk, so they removed them but have not replaced them.  This means I have 3 feet of cinder block above my head and then the 3rd floor of the building.  So there is a nice cold breeze coming into my cube, the temperature outside is a wonderful 21 degrees.

The perfect Fall day

I want to take a trip on the first cold day of fall when the leaves are turning up to Door County.  I want to walk in the falling leaves wearing a long dress, comfy sweater gloves, hat, and scarf with a cold breeze that nips at your nose.  I want to listen the noise of falling and crunching under my feet.  To feel, see, and smell the season changing is the most relaxing thing to do.  This would be the perfect start to fall.