Wedding Guest Outfit

This Saturday I will be attending a wedding as a guest.  This is the first time in about 4 years that I’ve been a guest instead of in the wedding party.  So, I get to have the fun of actually picking out what I want to wear and how I want to do my hair!  But, like normally I’ve decided to wait until now, 3 days before, to figure out what I’m going to wear!  This outfit is something that would be fun to wear to the wedding but would probably wouldn’t work since its going to be about 50 degrees.  But that really doesn’t matter much, since the last wedding I stood up in was on New Years Day, there was snow, it was 20 degrees out and we were wearing this dress (but in purple) outside taking pictures for about an hour. I was freezing!

cupcake dress

On to the outfit!

wedding guest

Dress | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelets | Heels | Hair | Nails | Rings |Clutch

Hair – I don’t do my hair… at all, so a wedding is a great time for me to splurge and pay to get my hair done.  Hopefully it will look a little like this, but with extensions because my hair is above my shoulders.
Dress – So freakn’ Cute! and it looks comfy but still dressy!
And because I love to go overboard on my fashion boards,  Some ideas of things to take for the night stay after the wedding, plus day after outfit idea

after wedding

PJs | Sunglasses | Hat | Tunic | Leggings | Shoes | Bag

Ok, I went a little overboard and now I want all of these things from Forever 21!

signature 2

Music Wednesday – India Arie

I might have posted this music video before but that’s ok.  India Arie “I Am Not My Hair” is a wonderful song.  I love it.  It makes you really look at yourself, your true inner self.  Generally, people will make assumptions about you based on your appearance and your hair.  I’ve experienced this judgement due to the  number of different hair cuts and colors in the past 10 years.  Don’t let your hair hold you back. Let people see the real, confident and beautiful You!

This song also has an extra special meaning today, last night my sister-in-law’s hair started to fall out last night due to her chemo treatment for breast cancer.  So instead of waiting around for it to fall out slowly she shaved her head..  She posted a picture of her newly shaven head on Facebook, it is Beautiful!