Even when the rain clouds descend


I finally feel like blogging again.  A lot has been going on in my life and it has created a wild roller coaster of loops, turns, and nauseating upside down flips. I’ll be posting little quotes here and there.

Enjoy 🙂

Standing on the outside looking in

I’m standing outside in the cold damp grass watching the perfect family through their kitchen window.

The four of them sitting at the dinner table with a fine meal before them.  They lower their heads in family prayer and then begin to enjoy the feast.  They laugh at each others jokes and funny comments. Talk to each other about their day and what they would like to do after the meal. The dog and cat are even enjoying dinner next to each other without a hiss or bark.  It all looks picture perfect.

As they eat, talk, smile, and enjoy their company I can feel the cold earth beneath my feet begin to cave in. A black thorny vine starts to crawl slowly up my legs binding them together making small shallow cuts on its way.  Cold, damp, strong, and irresistible, it travels up my body consuming me to my neck.  It pulls me back into the damp darkness of which no light can find.

Where do you go to escape in your mind?

When every day life gets to be too much and you just need a break where do you go in your mind to relax and think everything through?  It would be great to be able to just take a mini vacation every time you need a break from it all but for most of us that is impossible.

For me I picture a quiet room with a large picture window. When looking outside the scenery is always a forest at the peak colors in Autumn.  A cream city brick wood burning fireplace, that never runs out of wood, is at the side of the room keeping it warm.  An overstuffed suede gray couch with black, teal, and white pillows, and a couple of white soft faux fur blankets sits in the middle of the room looking out the window yet angled toward the fire. There is a plush cream color rug, one that your feet sink into, in front of the couch on the old worn wood floor.  Next to the couch is a  dark-wood side table with a mint lavender tea in a pink cup and a soft black leather journal with the perfect weighted black ink pen sitting on top.  A stack of my favorite books in hard cover are on the floor in front of the table. And I am sitting in the middle of the couch in warm black leggings, oversized comfy Irish fisherman’s sweater with my hair falling across my face.  Meditating in my perfect room where I can relax and clear the fog.

Where do you go?

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Weekend links

The weekend is finally here.  These are some articles I’ve read over the week that are interesting reads.  Enjoy!

This girl was suspended from school because her hair was an unrealistic shade of red. I think the schools should focus a bit more on education and security than the red shade of one’s hair.

Bitter Barista Fired – Even though you say something outside of work on your personal time, it can still get you fired. Especially if it is about your work.

Boyfriend’s bald tribute – This article is just sweet. It reminds you that people are caring and loving of each other.

Adoptive Mom’s newborn Photo shoot – This is adorable, I hope people see this and consider doing this for their adoptive children and maybe consider adopting older children.

iWatch – This is interesting to me, being the geek and owner of a number of Apple products. I don’t know if I would get one, I guess it would depend on what it did and the price.  It has to be practical for me to justify purchasing it.

Russia Meteoroid hit – If you woke up on friday morning and did not see a meteor or all the windows blow out around you then you are having a good day.

Water marble nails – This looks like something fun to try, when I have a bit of time to do my nails.

A quick 5 minute makeup routine – For the busy or (in my case) lazy person’s quick makeup routine.  I would also put on some mascara.

Have a great weekend and relax.  Be happy you are alive.

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