A New Year a New Start?

A new year a new start? ¬†Every year right before the new year there is always a group of people who say “I can’t wait till the new year. ¬†This year was terrible and I just want to forget about it.” ¬†Every year it is the same, the last was terrible but the next will be better. ¬†Yes, every year things will happen that will make you sad and mad but also happy and joyful too. ¬†Don’t hate your old year but find the good things that happened and reflected on those. ¬†If you regret or dislike how your previous year was then learn from it and make your New Year better. ¬†Now being the type A person that I am I do like starting new things on the 1st of the year, but I would never want to forget the past. ¬†The past is what build your character.

…Ok I do have a resolution for this up coming year, creating posts that are not so scatter brained and are complete. ¬†Now I just have to find away to get this ADD in check …

Don’t say ‘oh I’ll do that next year’, from my experiences this year there is no next year guarantee. ¬†Do it this year, Do it now. ¬†Live you live everyday to the fullest. ¬†Be Happy, smile more, say thank you, be kind, and love everyone.

Happy New Year!!

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