Outfit of the Week – An Evening Ball

After watching the Oscars I thought ‘What would I wear if I was at the Oscars?’ There were a number of lovely dresses on the red carpet and some not so great ones. I personally feel that if the blush tone of your dress almost matches your skin, it’s the wrong color to go with. Wear something bold or unique. With that being said I think that Charlize Theron’s dress and jewelry was amazing

Here is what I would wear, on a budget sort of.

Evening Ball

Dress | Earrings | Ring | Necklace | Clutch | Heels

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Outfit of the Week – Adult Snow Day

We finally have some snow! Well, we did last week but this weekend’s rain made it disappear quite quickly. Hopefully there will be some more snow soon. But for those out in the northern east coast, you have plenty of snow for some fun snow activities! Playing in the snow is something that most of us did as children. I remember wishing and hoping every time it snowed that we would get a snow day, but not even 1 foot of snow over night would cancel school. No snow days for me, on the other side of that we did get to go out and play in the snow for recess. As adults we do not take the time to go outside and enjoy the snow. We make time to go online, Facebook, Twitter, play games on our phones, ect but not for snow. Why not? Have we forgotten what it is like to go and play in the white and cold snow? Well, this week’s outfit and accessories will help you with some ideas for snow fun!!

Snow Day Wear

Coat | Shirt | Snow Pants | Socks | Snow Boots | Hat | Gloves

Snow day Toys

Cross-Country Skis | Boots | Ski Poles | Snow Shoes | Snow Tube

Snow tubing, cross-country skiing, and snow shoeing and just a couple of things to do. You can down hill ski, snow board, snowmobile make snowman, snow forts, and have an adult snow ball fight (try not to hit the face). So if you have snow outside, go out and play in it! It will make you feel better!

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Outfit of the Week – Military inspired slightly

It’s snowing outside again, not that much.  We’ll only get 6-8 inches, nothing like the east coast will be getting tomorrow.  Looking at some of the spring fashion/clothes coming out and it looks like the military styled or inspired clothes are back.  I like using a little bit of the inspiration in my outfits but I just can’t wear camouflage.  I personal feel that camouflage is for military members, I don’t know why it’s just how I feel.  The outfit below is just slightly military inspired with the jacket.  You could always switch out the jacket for a vest and the sandals for a pair of ‘combat’ style boots.

Slight Military Style

Jacket – AE | Shirt – H&M | Earrings -AE | Bracelet -AE | Jeans – JCrew | Clutch – H&M | Necklace – ModCloth | Sandals – AE

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