Photos from the weekend

This past weekend my husband and I attended a family wedding.   The church ceremony was lovely and short, perfect.  The Pastor have an interesting speech on how marriage is like a sturdy chair.  The Pastor had one of the groomsmen sit on the chair and then had him carry it out during the procession.  That chair bit came back when the groomsman and bridesmaid entered with the wedding party at the reception.  He carried her in on a chair.  It was quite funny!  The reception was beautiful and fun.  I think everyone really did enjoy themselves, some… maybe a little too much with the open beer and wine bar.

Here are some pictures from the weekend

The couple pouring the unity sand
Wedding 5-11-13
My sister-in-law, cousin, aunt-in-law, and me
Wedding 5-11-13
My husband

A glass of wine before dinner

My husband and I before dinner (bad lighting)

The entire meal
Wedding 5-11-13
Martini glass center pieces
Wedding 5-11-13
Wedding 5-11-13
The dance floor

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Apps for Pictures on iPhone

I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone because it is always with me.  I know that there are a number of photo/picture apps out there for the iPhone.  What are your favorite photo apps or the apps that you feel are worth using.?

Please let me know with a comment below!

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Yup more snow than the car could take

Lucky me, I’m working from home today.  But I did try to get to work and successfully got stuck 10 feet away from my apartment garage.  It took 2 minutes to get stuck and 30 minutes to shovel and rock the car back into the garage.  I really did need to go into work today but since they have closed all of the schools in three counties (Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha) not many people will make it into work either.

Some details on the pictures:

This is where the car was stuck looking at the garage.  Like I said I did not get that far.  I didn’t take pictures when it was stuck because I was too busy shoveling it out.

Where the car was stuck

From the stuck car point looking at the road:

Where the car was stuck 2

My shoveling job!  Yes I shouldn’t complain but part of my rent is to pay for snow removal:

How much I shoveled

What spinning tires can do to clean the lot. A better job than me but at the loss of some rubber from my newish tires:

Clean from spinning tires

This tree is normally as tall if not a little bit taller than my 2 story apt building, but thanks to the heavy wet snow the tree is almost on the ground:


So if you are in the area please be careful on the roads.  If you are off of school, go play in the snow!!

Keep warm!

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Weekend Links

Starting a new thing for Friday.  Just a list of some links to articles or items that I though were interesting for the week.  Some are for you look at lovely items and some you could use in a constructive off-line discussion with friends or family.  Yes, off-line, that is where you talk to someone face to face.  I’ll write more about my feelings on that later.  Enjoy these links, I’m off to enjoy this weekend off-line!

*CPS teachers end strike (from 09/19/2012)

* These skull lollipops look amazing, in fact everything in this Esty shop (Vintage Confections) looks great.  I might have to order some.

* The Photo Argus site’s post – 60 Breathtaking Fall Images, is just fantastic.  I love fall so much and this photos are, as the title says, Breathtaking.

* This search on Tumblr, Sugar Skull Tattoos

* These jeans 🙂