Summer Rain Fall

Rain on Rose

Lightly the rain covers the leaves, grass, roses, sidewalk, and road.  The gentle breezy brings the fresh moist air into my window.  Everything outside is being cleansed by the cool water as my spirit is being up lifted by the smell and calming sound of the rain drops.

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Pictures from the Weekend

This weekend, my husband and I drove out to Madison to visit the Orchid Garden Centre.  They have 3 greenhouse of beautiful orchids.  We managed to come home with only 1 additional orchid and a couple of other plants.

Here are the plants setup at home with a little grow light (garbage bags to protect the table until we get a table-cloth):


Orchids 1

There are 4 Orchids on this humid tray (starting at back) Vanilla Orchid , 2 Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis), 1 Darwin orchid (Angraecum sesquipedale)

Orchids 2

This is 2 Oncidiums.  The one in front is dormant, the one is back is the new one which is flowering.



Pink ivy

Pink Ivy ish plant

And on are way home, you can clearly see that we have had a bit of rain, this little river shouldn’t be so large:

Swollen river

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The weather is getting better

I wasn’t planning on writing anything today but when I left work the weather was beautiful.  The sun is shining, it’s around 60 degrees out and I just couldn’t make myself go back indoors to work out.  So instead I worked on cleaning off my balcony.  I had to clean off all the roofing nails, cig butts, and pieces of shingles that the wonderful roofers left a mess of.  I knew that there was no use to complain to the apt manager because they would just make their maintenance team clean it and it isn’t their fault.  Once I got the left over roofing things off I working on cleaning up the plants.  The dead plants from last season that were still in their pots.  I know bad me, I never got around to it at the end of the season.  But it is done now.  All the leaves I could pick up are in the bag, the dead plants, nails, and pine needles.  My foldable (awesome for apt balcony) table and chairs set is out.

Now all I have to do is watching the lady walking her dog talking on the phone, the guy running after work, the teenagers walking back from Target, listen to the airplanes, cars, trains, and to the woodpecker working on the trunk on the pine tree that comes up to my balcony.  And last but not least my little Pepper meowing at me wanting to come outside.

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