Outfit – Spring in the North

Spring in Wisconsin, it means you have to be ready for heat, cold, rain, floods, and snow storms.  And no, I’m not joking about the snow storm part, it’s happened before.  I think I carry more extra clothes around in Spring than any other season.  I can go to Lake Michigan in the morning wearing a jacket and pants, then drive out to my in-laws in Muskego and have to change into a skirt and a tank top.  It’s just all around crazy weather.  But it can be a little fun when you get to experience 4 season in one week 🙂

This outfit would be for a normal weekend day (I work all week and have no time to go anywhere. I live for the weekends)maybe start out at home on my balcony listening to the birds and the trains or at a coffee shop watching people be anti-social taping away on their computers.  Then downtown for some grocery shopping and a walk.  And who knows maybe I’ll end my evening at my mom’s, my dad’s or my in-law’s for a bonfire.

Two outfits, sometimes the second outfit is in the car and sometimes I go home in between to change.

For the Day:

Day Outfit

For Night:

Night Outfit

Whatever you do today, make sure you enjoy it!

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Outfit of the Week – Airport Travel

I haven’t traveled via airplane in a number of years, mostly because of cost.  But I keep dreaming of that day that I’ll go on a trip to some place fabulous and arrive looking refreshed and ready to enjoy the vacation.  Oh to dream…

Airport travel Outfit

Earrings | Necklace | Shirt | Pants | Jacket |Heels | Watch | Belt

Airport Travel bag

iPad Cover | iPad | Wrap | Notebook | Pencil | Passport Cover | Spray Water | Wallet | Tote SuitCase

Probably need a number of other things in the carry on bag like an eye mask, head phones, a snack, a head jacket splitter to share your music or movie with your traveling partner.

Have you traveled any where lately?  Where to and what did you bring with?

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Sephora and Clothing Haul

I’ve seen a number of haul videos, but since I’m not comfortable with doing YouTube yet I’m doing a blog post.  These will be done once in a great while since I never buy much of anything at one time.  And I think a grocery haul post would be a bit boring.

I decided that since I had reached VIB status at Sephora and received a 10% off coupon I’d do some shopping.


I picked up some Caudalie anti-wrinkle serum,lotion and beauty elixir, Ole Henriksen eye creams, Evian to-go sized face sprays, Buxom lip cream (for my mom), and a Clarisonic Mia.  The Caudalie anti-wrinkle serum is something new that I decided to add to my skin care routine.  I know I’m still “too young’ for wrinkles but it’s never to early to start treating/preventing them.  I really love the Caudalie products, all of them.  They work out really well for my skin and do not have a chemical smell like some other popular brands.  Ole Henriksen ultimate eye lift set, I think, was something in the stores for the holidays.  In the morning and some nights I really like the cooling effects of the gel eye creams, I will do a review on this after I’ve used it for some time.  Evian to-go face sprays are wonderful for this dry winter weather.  You can pile on as much face cream as you want before you leave the house but you face will still get dry from the heat and dry air.  I know it’s just water in a spray can but they have made it convenient for those on the go.  Buxom lip cream, this one my mom ask me to pick up.  I’ve used and love the lip polishes but I guess the cream has a little less shine to it.  Last but definitely not least (or cheap!) is the Clarisonic Mia.  I did a lot of ‘research’ before buying this.  I read a number of different reviews, watched some video reviews good and bad, before making my decision to buy one.  I chose the Mia, it has just one speed on it and it is the less expensive of the 3 different models. I’m not looking forward to the ‘purging’ stage that my skin will go through, but since I tend to get breakouts once a month anyway I’m prepared for it.  I will definitely do a review of this as well.  The reviews for the Mia, eye cream, and the Urban Decay lush lash system will probably be posted around the end of January.  I want to make sure I use the items daily for a number of weeks to give the best review I can.


Clothing!  Buying more than one clothing item in a week is unusual for me.  But thanks to some sales I bought a couple of items.

First up is two skater skirts from ASOS.  Black and red, they seem to go with everything and work for all seasons.  These skirts are the right length too! The skirt hits about mid-thigh on me.  Probably a bit too short for work but long enough that I feel comfortable wearing it out and not having my butt show.  The fabric of the skirts is very soft.  I did order them a size too big but since they have an elastic waistband it can be easily fixed.

ASOS Skirts

Second set of items is sweaters from American Eagle Outfitters.  Seeing how it is officially winter and has finally snowed a little around here sweaters are so nice to have.  I did get the same sweater in 3 different colors because I liked it so much.  Plus this is a sweater that I can wear for work.  It is a bit thin but still kept me warm while in a cold house.  The gray sweater with the open knitting can be fun, just wear a different colored under shirt each time and you have a different look.

AEO Sweater Haul

If you like this haul post and would like me to do more or even a grocery haul post, let me know in the comments!


Outfit – After Christmas shopping

The holidays are wonderful to spend with family.  I personally like to go shopping the day after christmas or Boxing day in some countries.  The stores all have sales to get consumers to spend their gift cards and holiday cash.  They are also trying to move out their holiday and winter items so that spring items can have room.  Spring, ya if we get a proper winter this year spring weather won’t be here for another 4+ months.  Shopping can be crazy but usually not as bad as black friday because most people this year have work on Wednesday.  I, unlucky and lucky, do not have to work this week due to holiday shut down, so off the mall I will go.  I feel that after 3 days of christmas’, food, and such a comfy and warm outfit will be fitting.

Outfit After Christmas

Dress | Coat | Tights | Boots | Headband | Purse

The dress looks warm, 30% wool, along with the coat and tights will keep the chilly air away while walking in between the stores.

Merry Christmas!!!


Instead of Weekend links…

In place of Weekend Links, I have two more outfits and a list of things that are happening in Milwaukee area this weekend for the holidays. So more or less, I spent a bit of time looking at clothes and tree lighting than finding awesome links :).

This weekend (some happened yesterday) there are a number of festive things going on around here and I wish there were more hours in the day and more caffeine in my body to go to all of them!

Last night in Pere Marquette Park they had the Milwaukee Holiday Lights Kick-Off Extravaganza , as they called it.  I’ve lived in this city for… 22 years and I have yet to make it to this tree lighting.  Next year, next year I’ll get there.  After the tree lighting downtown they have a whole bunch of other activities that start on Nov 16 and go through the end of the year.  Here is the PDF  of all the things going on downtown.

A couple of things on the list I want to go to this year:

Carriage ride around town

Afternoon tea at the Blu (Pfister Hotel)

European Holiday Village(MPM)

Milwaukee Domes

Ice staking at the Slice of Ice

I could go on and on and on… so instead here are some more links to other things going on around town.

Milwaukee Tree lighting

Bayshore Town Center Tree Lighting  – I’ll being going to this one tonight!!

Milwaukee Holiday Parade

Museums (Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum)

MAM After Dark

Coffee Houses!! (Alterra, Sven’s <- love this place)

Here are two outfits that I wish would magically appear in my closet so I could wear them this weekend.  But since that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, let’s call these daydreaming outfits!

* I’d thrown on a pair of black tights with these outfits if it a bit chilly out!

Coat | Sweater | Skirt | Purse | Shoes | EarsEarrings

Coat | Dress | Sweater | Shoes | Purse | Ears | Earrings

Enjoy your weekend!