Outfit – Spring in the North

Spring in Wisconsin, it means you have to be ready for heat, cold, rain, floods, and snow storms.  And no, I’m not joking about the snow storm part, it’s happened before.  I think I carry more extra clothes around in Spring than any other season.  I can go to Lake Michigan in the morning wearing a jacket and pants, then drive out to my in-laws in Muskego and have to change into a skirt and a tank top.  It’s just all around crazy weather.  But it can be a little fun when you get to experience 4 season in one week 🙂

This outfit would be for a normal weekend day (I work all week and have no time to go anywhere. I live for the weekends)maybe start out at home on my balcony listening to the birds and the trains or at a coffee shop watching people be anti-social taping away on their computers.  Then downtown for some grocery shopping and a walk.  And who knows maybe I’ll end my evening at my mom’s, my dad’s or my in-law’s for a bonfire.

Two outfits, sometimes the second outfit is in the car and sometimes I go home in between to change.

For the Day:

Day Outfit

For Night:

Night Outfit

Whatever you do today, make sure you enjoy it!

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Outfit – Nike

Going to the gym, getting to the gym, trying to convince myself I really need to get to the gym.  Things that I try to do every day.  When picking out what to wear at the gym I tried to find something that I can still wear, part of, after the gym if I need to run to the store.  The last thing that I want to do after a work out is change back into my ‘work’ clothes.  So here is an outfit, all Nike, that I could wear at the gym and for any stops to the store after.

Fuel BandTote BagTopBraSweatshirtPantsShoes