Whether to go into work or not on really really cold days – living with Raynaud’s Disease

Driving in to work this morning was a more dangerous decision than normal.  The temperatures today are supposed to peak at 0 and go down from there.  By tomorrow morning it will be about -25 (WC) degrees.  Normal, this would just mean that the average person will wear their gloves, hat and winter coat and go about their day.   For me, on a day with just 0 degrees  it means a double layer of pants, double layer of shirts, winter coat, scarf,  thick hat, at least 2 pairs of gloves with a heater pack, thick wool socks with a heater pack and my Ugg boots.  That is just so I can get from my apartment to the car and hope it warms up fast. Even though this is how I dressed today, by the time I got to work my fingers and toes where still white and nails are purple/blue.  Thank goodness I have a space heater at work so I can warm up my feet enough to change into work socks and shoes for the day.  As for my hands, I have a pair of gloves that I wear at my desk at all times.  And it’s not like my office area is cold, it’s about 68 degrees in here.
Tomorrow will be a different story,  I am so very very lucky enough that I can do my contracting work from home if needed and if approved (the difficult part).  I really don’t like to, but if it is going to be -20/-30 WC tomorrow I might have to.  Just to save my hands and feet from the bitter cold and dealing with additional pain and some times non-working hands all day.
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